Technological Strength

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in difficult manufacturing and delicate assembly to help meet your needs.

Konica Minolta has the high-level technology needed to deal with the wide range of challenges facing our customers.
Here we will introduce some of the practical examples of our technological power, such as the application of sealants which prevent toner leakage.

Operating efficiency raised thanks to
the assembly of toner anti-leakage sealant!

The Customer's Problem

Because the sticking positions are soft and the material is difficult to adhere to, working on soft components has a high level of difficulty for all but the most skilled workers, and that eventually resulted in a 36% increase in manufacture time.
The sealant has a long and thin shape making it difficult for it to stay in place, resulting in the work being more difficult than it needed to be. It was because of this that we wanted to figure out a way to increase efficiency through reduced labor and simplified tools.
Furthermore, even the most skilled workers weren't working as fast as they could have been as the sealant needed to be affixed at the same width as that of the surface, so the company, which are specialists in automated production, contacted us for help.

Our Solution

Soft components have always needed to worked by hand, no matter what, so we figured that we should start by focusing on this aspect.
We responded with small-scale production of a number of different items with the proposed goal of high level implementation of load reduction, cost reduction and improved quality.
While thinking of a way to develop tools which could allow manufacture at the same level as a skilled worker, we proposed the idea of developing a mechanism which would insert the soft components with a single touch.

The Result

The improved tools reduced work time 70% against the average work time of the most skilled workers. Anyone could now use the tools to the same high level of quality and the same shortened work time resulting in a production method less reliant on manual labor.

■Improvements to the procedure with low cost tools.
■Automated work on generic machinery.

Anyone looking to improve the efficiency of work involving soft components, such as affixing seals, should look no further than our company and its wealth of technological power.

Uniform sheet metal processing of long, ultra-thin boards.

The Customer's Problem

We had a request for ultra-thin, low distortion, long metal sheets for use as toner blades in photocopy machines.

Our Solution

We proposed the in-house production of molds and the use of materials with long-lasting shape retention along with high uniformity and high precision.

The Result

We made it possible to progressive die process to dimensions of 340mm width and 0.02mm thickness from ultra-thin SUS material.

Konica Minolta Mechatronics' Processing Technology

Tempering Plate...
We chose a material with a low level of shape loss and distortion and tempered it in a plate with holes in the bottom before tempering
Degree homogenization...
Subzero-treatment following tempering (in order to prevent deformities and loss of shape over the years from internal stress)
Punch and die...
total circumference of 0.005mm when clearance t=0.06mm, triple tempered, high speed steel powder.
The final die matching is triple tempered, sub-zero post-tempering processing, high speed powdered steel adjustment (hand working) with wrapped finish.
Bend punch & die...
mirror surface polishing, bended punching, die shift amount 0.001mm
Punch die, bend punch & die and final plate insertion types are compared and adjusted (hand processed) in lapping.
Mold maintenance (Skilled workmanship is necessary for the maintenance of molds).
Punch & die, bend punch & die consumption time, re-polishing of nesting, die matching. The punch verification is judged by the status once the 0.0015mm film is removed and placed.

Allow us to use our wealth of experience and high level technological power to handle all of your difficult raw material sheet processing, including ultra-thin and long product processing!

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