Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name Konica Minolta Mechatronics Co.,Ltd.
■Head office
34 Banchi, 3 Chome, Odabuchi-Cho, Toyokawa-Shi, Aichi-Ken
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■Fuefuki Plant
Yamanashi-ken, Fuefuki-shi, Misaka-cho, Ninomiya 920
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■Osakasayama Plant
Osaka-fu, Osakasayama-shi, Imakuma, 6-300
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■Ueta Plant
1 Banchi, Azakitakarasawa, Ueta-Cho, Toyohashi-Shi, Aichi-Ken
Phone:+81-532-25-1337 (Main line)
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■Tsuru Plant
226 Banchi, Onoazamiyachi, Tsuru-Shi, Yamanashi-Ken
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■Mizuho Plant
Aichi-ken, Toyokawa-shi, Honohara, 3-22-1
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■Hino Plant
Tokyo-to, Hino-shi, Sakuramachi 1
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Established April 1st, 2016
Capital 90,000,000 JPY
Number of employees 800 (As of April, 2019)
Primary business activities
  • ・Electrical circuit board development (Artwork design)
  • ・Electrical circuit board production and sales
  • ・Optical sensor development and manufacture
  • ・All kinds of toner cartridge production and sales
  • ・Mold, tool and automated machinery production and sales
  • ・All kinds of precision-processed parts (injection molds, extrusion molding, press-working, laser speckle welding, Assy) production and sales.
  • ・Optical instruments, information processing systems, telecommunications systems
  • ・Optical instrument tools, lenses, precision measuring instrument tools and related parts production and sales
  • ・Electrical measuring instruments, electrical tools and components for machinery and communications equipment, commercial multifunctional peripherals and related parts production and sales
Shareholders 100% Konica Minolta. Co., Ltd owned

Board of Directors

Position Name
President & CEO Makoto Sugihara
Managing Director Masaki Sato
Managing Director Naohiro Oono
Board Members Atsushi Komine
Board Members Koji Ohashi
Board Members Kousuke Ikeda
Board Members Kazuo Mitsuyoshi
Board Members Masao Itoh
Board Members Kazuharu Toramoto
Auditor Izumi Harada

Company Timeline

1949 Taisei Optics Corporation is established by integrating the management of Narimasu Optical Instruments and Taizen Optics Corporation
1960 Konishi Photo Industries Co., Ltd. (Konica Corporation) acquires all stocks of Taisei Optics Corporation
1967 Toyohashi Precision Presses Co., Ltd. is established
1969 Toyohashi Precision Presses Co., Ltd is renamed Toyohashi Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
1972 Taisei Optics Corporation is renamed Yamanashi Konica Electric Corporation
1983 Konica Electric Corporation is established by splitting of Yamanashi Konica Electric corporation's stocks
2002 Konica Techno-Products Co., Ltd. is established, and Konica Electric Corporation become the Tsuru plant of Konica Techno-Products Co., Ltd.
2003 Konica Techno-Products Co.,Ltd. is renamed Konica Minolta Techno-Products Co.,Ltd. by integrating the management of Konica corporation and Minolta Co.,Ltd
2005 Konica Minolta Electrics. Co.,Ltd is established by splitting of Konica Minolta Techno-Products 's stocks
2016 Konica Minolta Mechatronics Co., Ltd. is established by integrating the management of Konica Minolta Electrics Co., Ltd and Toyohashi Precision Industries Co., Ltd
2019 Konica Minolta Mechatronics Co., Ltd., Konica Minolta Opto Devices Co.Ltd., and Konica Minolta Opto Products Co. Ltd. management is integrated into a single company.
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