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Konica Minolta Mechatronics Co., Ltd
President & C.E.O. Shinichi Kaneko

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In April 2019, Konica Minolta Mechatronics Co., Ltd., Konica Minolta Opto Products Co., Ltd., and Konica Minolta Opto Devices Co., Ltd., were integrated and reborn as the Konica Minolta Group’s domestic manufacturing company for machines and devices.

The new Konica Minolta Mechatronics Co., Ltd. conducts operations in a variety of fields including developing measuring instruments, automation processes, and mass production technologies for multifunction peripherals (MFP), production print machinery (PP machinery), and other products that require highly precise manufacture as well as designing printed circuit boards, manufacturing optical components utilizing nano-order technologies, metalworking products, and industrial inkjet heads. Konica Minolta Mechatronics also uses its locally-developed manufacturing technologies for international development in its role as a mother factory for plants abroad.

Moving forward, we will continue our tireless pursuit of the newest innovative technologies and remain committed to implementing our Digital Manufacturing initiative using the all of the various technologies, technical skills, and data to their utmost capability. The goal is to create a manufacturing process unaffected by and independent of people, countries, locations, or fluctuations. In addition to our unending commitment to improving our manufacturing prowess, Konica Minolta will continue to cement its place in the world as an irreplaceable company through employee development, contributions to clients, suppliers, and local businesses.

  April 1, 2019
  President and CEO Shinichi Kaneko

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