Unit Assembly

We provide efficient unit assembly through automation.

From design and development to trial manufacture and mass production, we provide integrated management through in-house production of electrical components such as printed circuit boards and mecha components, including resin and sheet metal components.

We implement low-cost automation which uses generic machinery in order to provide small lot production of a variety of items. The introduction of automation also results in reduced labor demands. Not only that, but we are also able to automate the delivery in all kinds of processing for completed items and items for assembly. Thanks to our simple AGV delivery system, we have constructed an environment devoted to assembly work.

Assembly of drum units and developing units for production prints.

Assembly of drum units and developing units for production prints.

*Production prints = corresponding small lots unit assembly of high-difficulty digital printing systems for commercial printing operations.

We run in-house production development of electronic circuit boards, sheet metal components and resin components.
In order to improve assembly efficiency, we also run in-house design and manufacture of automated equipment, simplified tools and measurement tools.
We also provide EMS services for small lot manufacture of all varieties.

Developing unit

350 units / Nissan produced

This component attaches the toner to the roller and sends it to the optical unit within internal digital printer systems and multifunction machines.

Drum unit

63 units / Nissan produced

This component is a cylinder with a glossy finish in the "Optical drum" which converts light into electrical charges within internal digital printing systems and multifunction machines.

The assembly of toner boxes for MFP use

Implementation of automation, from welding and assembly of resin components through to four-color toner refilling, closing, package processing and palletizing.

Assembly of sensor boxes for care support solutions.

Konica Minolta provides care support solutions. We assemble our sensor boxes with multiple internal sensors.

Improve efficiency through delivery automation.

Through our experience in automated shipping and the delivery of completed products, we have established a production system which is focused on assembly work, and automatically delvers assembly components to each stage of operation when needed.
*The diagram to the right shows the automated shipping and delivery of completed items.

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