Printed Circuit Boards

Art work planning (printed circuit board pattern design)

We take two dimensional information gathered individually through various tools, such as external diagrams, bill of materials and circuit diagrams from the customer's development. We then compile that information using specialized electronic CAD software to develop three dimensional information needed for circuit board production.

EMI Simulation

We offer the highest quality circuit boards by simulating designs which suppress electromagnetic waves.

Plane resonance analysis

Plane resonance analysis is the analysis from the electrical plane shape and the plane condenser.
The noise source (excitation position) is set to excitation requirements and points of possible resonance are then identified.
Provisional measures are for situations where frequency response exceeds criterion.
(*If 0dB is exceeded, a high level of voltage in addition to the source of noise on the circuit board ⇒ Resonance occurs)

Example Target Plane : 5V

Voltage distribution display
Voltage distribution display
Target layer 5 Layer Excitation position Power supply source
Corresponding GND layer 2 Layer Detail position NF52 vicinity
Corresponding GND name GND State of implemented analysis Post-countermeasure
Interlaminar thickness 1,070mm
Frequency response display
Maximum voltage (Highest possible value on the plane related to excitation source voltage)
Fundamental frequency 1MHz
Frequency upper limit 1,000MHz
Post-countermeasure frequency 1,000MHz
Determined value -10dB [Range: 0 to 1,000 MHz]
Verdict / Result X
Action The verdict is unfavorable.
Implementing action.

SI Simulation.

We develop designs for electromagnetic wave suppression through simulations in order to provide the highest quality circuit boards.

Post Simulation

Final waveform verification is undertaken when the design of the applicable components is completed. It is also necessary to consider the affects of VIA in order to analyze the change from CAD data. We also have optional timing analysis using HyperLynx DRWizard, crosstalk analysis and corner analysis.

Post Simulation
Target signal A2014_PMS_YK_M_VD7
Wiring group Address
Analyzed frequency 22.6625MHz
Crosstalk analysis
Crosstalk analysis
Crosstalk analysis

Substrate mounting

High-speed mounting line

We are able to produce circuit boards in sizes ranging from 534×380mm to 48×48mm.
The shortest completion time we are able to offer is one day for installation and one more day for inspections and shipping.
We can also deal with non-uniform components, lead-free correspondence, and prototype installation.

Corresponding items
  • ・Flexible circuit boards
  • ・Build-up circuit boards
  • ・High frequency circuit boards
  • ・Aluminum circuit boards
  • ・Double sided, multi-layered through-hole circuit boards
  • ・Advanced medical equipment management circuit boards (Class III)
  • ・Radiation and high electric current substrates
    *1/6 to 1/7 of global market price (400~500μ thickness conductors, 70μ maximum thickness)
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