Resin Molds

We offer high precision resin molds made with our high-level technological power and wealth of experience.

We provide molds from the design phase through to trial manufacture and mass production.
We can manufacture a range of products, such as high precision mechanisms, gears and shaped components.

We produce a diverse variety of products and have resin molds for a wide range of components, all of which have been highly praised for their precision by our customers.

Resin Molds

Able to produce from 450t to 30t classes.
We offer low-cost and small-lot manufacture by using our in-house produced cassettes.
The processing we offer includes bearing indentation, welding and assembly.

Available Molds

From generic resin to super engineering plastic.

  • ・Injection molds
  • ・Blow molds
  • ・Extrusion molds
  • ・Vacuum molds

Cost reduction on small-lot manufacture

We develop in-house designed and produced cassettes to achieve reduced setup times, which is an issue for small-lot production.

Results of cassette development
We have achieved a roughly 40% reduction in mold and component costs.

A 50t-use base cassette makes work with both hands possible, leading to a reduced work load for employees.

Blow bottle molds + Pull system automation

We reduce production costs through "Highly efficient unmanned manufacture" and in-house production of molds for blow molding of toner bottles used in photocopying machines, which are key devices and demand a high degree of difficultly.
We also use polyethylene milk bottles as 100% recycled materials to further reduce costs.
We have made unmanned production a reality through automated blow molding.

Automation Process
  • ・Manufacture cutting
  • ・Bore size inspection
  • ・Appearance testing
  • ・Air leakage testing
  • ・Gravimetric
  • ・Poron seal affixing

"Upgrade recycling technology" turning used materials into high-performance materials.

Because quality, strength and flame resistance deteriorate when materials are recycled, we only use products with low performance requirements. Konica Minolta broadens their effective use of resources by implementing increased efficiency of recycled materials through industrial science and unique material technology.

Reused PC/PET

Developed "Reconstituted PC/PET" which is made from fusing used PET bottles and PC (polycarbonate). Implemented the use of color-multifunction machine "Bizhub" outer-packaging which was a world first.

Milk Bottle Recycling

We developed cleaning technology which removes micro cells linked to the degradation and odor of milk, and recycle polyethylene milk bottles, which are common in Europe and North America, into toner bottles for photocopy machines.

Reused ABS

We upgrade-recycled ABS resin collected from discontinued amusement machines and developed reused ABS with improved flame resistance. We then planned to employ this resin in the internal components of photocopy machines from 2016 onward.

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