Key Devices

Our key devices allow us to offer high precision assembly and processing.

We assemble and process key devices; modules and components which are a vital part of electrical appliances. The assembly and high precision cutting in aluminum flanges of developing rollers are crucial, meaning that they need a high level of accuracy. Here at Konica Minolta Mechatronics, we provide assembly and processing with a high level of accuracy.

Aluminum Flange Cutting

We have achieved stable processing of flanges to a perpendicularity of 0.005mm and a coaxiality of 0.005mm in CNC lathes.

Blast Processing for Sleeves

Blast processing with a surface roughness of Ra 0.009mm.

Highly magnetized developing roller assembly

We have achieved in-house produced flanges with 350mm sleeves and a radial run-out accuracy of 0.014mm. Assembly and run-out scans are undertaken by automated devices which were designed and manufactured in-house to ensure product quality.

Konica Minolta Mechatronics' assembly techniques

  • ・High precision grease application techniques (0.01g) and high precision adhesion techniques (0.01g).
  • ・Requires a high precision accuracy of assembly.
  • ・Radial run-out accuracy of 0.014mm, an outer diameter allowable limit of error of less than 0.02mm.
  • ・We design, develop and introduce automated machinery to satisfy the high level of skill needed for stabilized product quality and continuous processing.
  • ・Not only stable automation, but we also construct devices which unite man and machine by utilizing human sensibilities.


  1. 1.Developing roller magnetic measurements
  2. 2.Sleeve assembly for developing rollers
  3. 3.Assembly of flanges for both ends of sleeves (adhesive + grease coating)
  4. 4.Magnetism and run-out measurement of finished products

  • Magnetic Measuring Instrument

  • Automatic assembly machine

  • Run-out measuring instrument
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