About Us

The goal of Konica Minolta Mechatronics is to
"Create new methods, one which incorporates men,
machines and all the fields in which they excel".

We pride ourself on arming ourself with control technology,
becoming unified under the name Konica Minolta and promoting
"a world of constantly progressing automaton in which men and machines communicate".

What makes Konica Minolta Mechatronics Special?


Over 60 years experience and a wealth of knowledge
in the world of manufacturing.
That's where we get our technological power.

Our company was founded in 1949. We aren't simply a part of the Konica Minolta Group, however; we do all we can to meet the requests of customers from outside of the main company, and we also offer our support to the Japanese manufacturing industry.
Thanks to our extensive knowledge and proven track record, we can cover a wide range of different component production, primarily the planning, trail manufacture and implementation of patterns for printed circuit boards, as well as the discrete manufacture of electronic and optical devices. Our customers have given us top-notch reviews for our products, such as our printed circuit board designs, which are made with on our extensive practical experience.
Starting with the design and manufacture of metal molds and labor saving "soft component assembly" to meet modern high-end needs, we have a proven manufacturing track record spanning a wide range of over 1,000 components, including thin presses and "ultra-thin sheet metal processing", which is extremely difficult to mold.


Better speed, better accuracy and better convenience.
Welcome to the next generation of production;
"Digital Manufacturing".

By utilizing cutting-edge internet technology (ICT), we are able to accelerate both the automation and efficiency of the manufacturing process.
We offer production based solutions for work flow innovations on manufacturing bases through flexible production, regardless of the people, the place or the country.
Our company handles Konica Minolta Group's international start-up support for automation technology in countries including Malaysia, China, France and the United States.


From development to manufacture and through to mass
production, we can do it all here on-site.
We provide a wide range of top-quality solutions to meet
the needs of our customers.

Thanks to our comprehensive integrated system, from development through to production, we offer speedy turnaround times and variable manufacturing to meet the demands of our customers, from small-lot production to the mass production of precision components.
Our company also possesses technology which utilizes the strengths of our integrated production system, such as 'Blow bottle molding technology' which uses recycled materials, or our sheet metal component development and manufacturing technology.
While offering superior Japanese quality for all our plastic molds, sheet metal and implemented circuit boards, we utilize the merits of domestic production, including lowered distribution and foreign preparation management costs, as well as shortened lead times, to make high quality, low cost production a reality.

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